Cherry – Cerise – Fresh Fruit Vinegar

Cherry Fresh Fruit Vinegar


Vinegar, Filtered Water, Cane Sugar
Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Apple Pectin

Product Description

Cherry Fresh Fruit Vinegar is made from the world best cherries. There are no artificial food colors and preservatives used in this product. Cherry fresh fruit vinegar is used in various types of recipes such as cherry Grilled Chicken salad, Cherry Turkey and many more. It is a great compliment to any cheese plate. This unique vinegar adds a luxurious taste to dark meat fowl such as squab and guine fowl.

Cherry vinegar is for all cherry lovers. Although this expressive vinegar can go with a variety of dishes, it’s bold character is a great presence on a cheese, charcuterie, meats and sausages as well.


Cherry Grilled Chicken Salad

Cherry Turkey (Holiday Style)

Additional Information

Weight 1.9 lbs

Health Benefits:

1 Cherries are rich in red color comes from anthocyanins – the antioxidants found in grapes that inhibit enzymes associated with inflammation, and may help soothe soreness linked to muscle and joint pain.

2 Cherries vinegar helps to raise HDL cholesterol and low the blood sugar.

3 All cherries are high in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps to prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.

4 Sour cherries contain 19 times the amount of beta-carotene found in blueberries. A precursor to vitamin A, it helps maintain eyesight and healthy skin.

5 Researchers have found sweet cherries to be cancer fighters. Cyaniding is an important free radical scavenger and may also promote cellular differentiation, an important process in the body that fights against cancerous cells.

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